Skiing Maggie Valley Lift Tickets for Kids - FREE!

Ski Lift Tickets for Kids – FREE!

Maggie Valley, North Carolina is such a beautiful area. There is so much to do, even in the wintertime. Whether you like shopping, skiing, or even tubing you’ll have a great time in Maggie Valley. Of course, the mountains in Western North Carolina are also great for winter activities. The temperature is right and there is often snow, if it doesn’t snow, that’s okay too because the area is well known for its man-made snow. I have been to Maggie Valley several times throughout my life and I am continually surprised to learn that there are so many activities to do in this area. Most tourist towns in Western North Carolina completely close down for wintertime and there aren’t any activities. Most cities refer to the winter as the off season, but not Maggie Valley. Maggie Valley probably makes more money from their winter activities because of their ski area. I really hope you’ll consider visiting Maggie Valley and taking part in some of the winter activities that the area has to offer. Following are the top activities for winter:

Winter Activities in Maggie Valley #1: Skiing

Maggie Valley has a wonderful ski area called the Cataloochee Ski Area. There are so many activities to do at this skiing area. You can of course ski, go snowboarding, take classes, and so much more. While this ski area does not have hotels on their property the Meadowlark Motel is happy to offer wonderful rates and even during the week, Ski Free Tickets for Kids. There is everything from luxury hotel rooms to rustic cabins to spend your day in after a long day of hitting the slopes. The views from the slopes are absolutely amazing. It’s really hard to believe that most of the snow at this Maggie Valley ski area is man-made (though when we get real snow the skiing is spectacular). They do an amazing job and the area looks like a winter wonderland. The top of the mountain has an amazing elevation of 5,400 feet and the ski area takes up 15 acres! You can rent all the equipment you need at their ski shop. If you’ve never spent time skiing in Maggie Valley you really must try it out.

Winter Activities in Maggie Valley #2: Tubing

I just saw this winter activity on my way back from Tennessee last weekend. This looks so fun. I really wanted to try it and probably would have stopped had I not been riding with several other people. This is a fun winter activity that takes place when it’s cold enough for the company to make snow. This is a winter activity that you can participate in at night as well. You pay a reasonable price (at time of writing $20) per session, which lasts for an hour and 45 minutes. New sessions start every two hours. Before going you may want to check out their schedule which is located on their website. Please note that you cannot use your own equipment, Tube World will have all the equipment you will need. They even have a smaller hill for little kids, called the Wee Bowl Snowplay Area. It is for children who aren’t quite tall enough  (42 inches) to meet the height requirements for tubing on the larger hill. Wee Bowl is open on a limited basis as weather and snowmaking allows.  Cost is $5 per session and runs on the same session times as Tube World.

Winter Activities in Maggie Valley #3: Tastings

For beer, wine, and distilled bevegage enthusiasts there is a rich and diverse experience in tastings, wineries, breweries, festivals, celebrations and local hangouts in Maggie Valley during the winter. Couple that with the amazing natural scenery of the majestic Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway, and it totally elevates your experience to other-worldly heights. Read More.

Winter Activities in Maggie Valley #4: Shopping

Shopping When all else fails you can always going shopping in Maggie Valley. There are so many great shops in Maggie Valley. This is a wonderful winter activity that will allow you to stay nice and warm. There is a large variety of shops available in Maggie Valley and several of them have wonderful souvenirs that you can take back to your friends and family. I highly recommend this winter activity.

If you love wintertime, you’ll love these winter activities. So come visit Maggie Valley and have a wonderful time.