Overview: Pro Tips for Beginner Snowboarding In NC – A Cataloochee Snowboarding Vacation

We’ve gathered together a collection of pro tips and videos for our readers who are interested in learning how to snowboard during your stay here in Maggie Valley, NC. Our area is well-known for its skiing, skateboarding and tubing recreational activities. Cataloochee Ski Resort is the best place to ski or snowboarding in NC, Maggie Valley area.

Beginner Snowboarding In NC

If you have been, or are, a skateboard enthusiast, then the transition to snowboarding will be easier for you. It works on many of the same principles. It’s best to learn the basics before you head out to the slopes and trails. This will include strapping on your board and making sure your shoes fit snugly, learning to get on the ski chair lift, and learning to walk with the board attached to your feet! All of these, and other pro tips, are covered in the videos we’ve added below.

Taking Snowboarding Lessons

Snowboarding lessons are available at Cataloochee Ski Resort and at other places in the Maggie Valley area. In addition to your snowboarding lessons, we highly recommend watching “how to” videos – these will help you immensely. Watching other people snowboard is one of the best ways to learn. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can start learning advanced skills, even freestyle snowboarding tricks. Everybody started with the basics at the beginning – even the pro snowboarders you see on TV.

Buying Snowboarding Gear

Our favorite local-owned and operated shop for snowboarding gear is the Flipside Board Shop in Maggie Valley. Flipside Board Shop is a rider-owned shop. The owners have been skateboarding and snowboarding enthusiasts for decades. Here is where you can buy all your gear you need for snowboarding, including the best brand boards. You can also get a lot of pro tips from the owners and staff! You may also rent or buy gear at the Cataloochee Ski Resort.

Practice Makes Perfect: True for Snowboarding and Almost Everything Else

Perfect your skills with practice. This is always in the top five of tips by the professionals. Once you’ve watched the videos, read some articles, secured your gear and you’re ready to get started, you’ve got to hit the slopes! Book a multi-day stay at Meadowlark Motel, and head out to the slopes at Cataloochee Ski Resort every day as you develop your skills in snowboarding. The Cataloochee Ski Resort is located just moments from the motel. The Meadowlark Motel offers snowboarding and skiing packages that will help make your snowboarding vacation in Maggie Valley more affordable. They offer 38 cabins, cottages and guest rooms (many with jetted tubs), free Wi-Fi and continental breakfast, refrigerators, microwaves, a Creekside outdoor pavilion and recreation area, and more.

Videos by Snowboarding Professionals: How to Snowboard

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YouTube video by Kevin at SnowboardProCamp: 5 Common Beginner Snowboarder Mistakes & Fixes.

YouTube video by Kevin at SnowboardProCamp: 10 Beginner Snowboard Skills

YouTube video by Snowboard Academy, “Complete Learn How to Snowboard Video for Beginners”

wikiHow: How to Snowboard for Beginners https://www.wikihow.com/Snowboard

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