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  • Over 35 experienced hikers banded together to update the wildly popular "100 Favorite Trails of the Smokies and the Carolina Blue Ridge" map, previously produced in 1984. This map contains numbered trail locations, trail lengths, and elevation gains as well as detailed hike directions. Printed in full color on waterproof paper. 24" x 36", 4" x 8" folded.
  • Jerry DeLaughter

    Smokies Road Guide

    A complete guide to the roads of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, written by Jerry DeLaughter and others.
  • William H. Banks

    Plants of the Cherokee

    Based on research conducted by William Banks in the 1950s, Plants of the Cherokee describes traditional Cherokee uses for more than 300 plants-from medicinals to edibles, natural dyes and more. Banks documented herbal treatments for a huge range of ailments, everything from coughs and colds to rhuematism, diabetes and cancer, at a time when some Cherokee elders still practiced these generations-old ways. Published by Great Smoky Mountains Association. Includes botanical illustrations. 150 pages.
  • Daniel S. Pierce

    Corn From a Jar (Hardcover)

    In the Great Smoky Mountains, moonshine making was a world unto itself. On the one hand, moonshining was about dynamite-totting lookouts, fast cars, snitching, quick cash, hidden stills and deadly gunplay. On the other, it was a story of earnest farm families living in remote mountain valleys and practicing their traditional craft of moonshining so they could buy shoes for their children. Yet perhaps the most fascinating aspect of this book is the sudden resurgence of making moonshine in the Southern mountains today. Join author and noted historian Dr. Daniel S. Pierce to learn about the traditions, foibles and dangers of mountain blockading from the early 19th century to tomorrow. Published by great Smoky Mountains Association.
  • You will be amazed by the beautiful color photographs in this book captured by the most talented photographers working in the Great Smoky Mountains. The text provides an excellent overview of the park with sections on wildlife, wildflowers, old-growth forests, mountain streams, walking trails, geology and history. This book will do double duty as a memento and showpiece after your return. By Rose Houk. Softcover, 48 pages.
  • Great Smoky Mountains Assoc.

    Hiking Trails of the Smokies

    This special 5th Edition of the coveted Hiking Trails of the Smokies guide, with more than 100 revised pages, covers all 150 official trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, with in-depth narratives and invaluable profile charts that show mileage, elevation change, and major stream crossings at a glance. Includes information on all backcountry campsites, shelters, regulations and permit/reservation information. New edition includes the Mountains-to-Sea Trail and a handy pocket in the back cover to hold a park map. Printed on special lightweight paper. Pocket-sized. 584 pages. Weighs only 11 ounces.
  • You'll love the gorgeous photographs and informative text in this book published by Great Smoky Mountains Association. The author reveals the amazing story of how elk were reintroduced to the Smokies, how they survive here, their dramatic courtship rituals, and how calves and cows struggle to elude predators. 72 pages.
  • This book includes six traditional quilt patterns you can make yourself. Filled with stories of quilts and quilters from the Walker Sisters to the modern-day. Features color photos of quilts and quilting equipment. , 68 pages, softcover
  • What do Dolly Parton and legendary hiker Margaret Stevenson have in common? Tenacity, perseverance and an ironwood-like toughness in the face of adversity. Other than that, these two women (and 17 others featured in the book) share or shared a deep love for the Great Smoky Mountains. In Women of the Smokies, learn all about the brave women of the mountains, including Karen Wade, Gracie McNichol, Wilma Dykeman, Hattie O. McGiffin, Mary E. Caldwell and others. 294 pages.
  • Taylor Elliott Bruce

    Wildsam Field Guides Great Smoky Mountains

    Wildsam Field Guides: Great Smoky Mountains guide will give visitors new and deeper ways of seeing the country's most-visited national park.
  • Over the past two hundred years, Western North Carolina has evolved from a mountainous frontier known for illicit moonshine production into a renowned destination for craft beer. Follow its story from the wild days of saloons and the first breweries of the 1870s through one of the longest Prohibitions in the nation. Eventually, a few bold entrepreneurs started the first modern breweries in Asheville, and formerly dry towns and counties throughout the region started to embrace the industry. The business of beer attracts jobs, tourists and dollars, as well as mixed emotions, legal conundrums and entrepreneurial challenges. Join award-winning beer writer Anne Fitten Glenn as she narrates the storied history of brewing in Western North Carolina.
  • Lance Holland

    The Nantahala River: A History & Guide

    Most everyone who comes to western North Carolina has heard of the Nantahala, but few know its history. Long before it was a mecca for rafters and thrill seekers, it was traveled by naturalists and explorers from William Bartram to John C. Frémont. After the Cherokees were driven out, settlers arrived and began exporting the wealth of the mountains in the form of timber, talc and minerals. Tourists arrived on the Western Turnpike soon after, and the railroad brought more around 1890. The federal government began purchasing land for the new Nantahala National Forest, and the need for aluminum to fight World War II precipitated the construction of Fontana Lake and Nantahala Lake. Local author Lance Holland has crafted an enlightening and entertaining narrative history of this unique region.