2021 Plottfest Mug


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While most of us have a deep appreciation for all things handmade, there something extra special about handmade ceramic mugs. We associate them with moments in life that we cherish so deeply: the quiet time with your morning coffee before the hustle and bustle of the day begins, hot cocoa by the fire with your family on a cold and blustery winter evening, tea on the front porch on the first perfect day of spring…

But it’s more than just that. Your choice of handmade mugs reflects your personality and unique aesthetic flair. And behind that aesthetic is a rich story that begins with the mug’s maker – a story that becomes wrapped up in your own as you travel through your daily life, punctuating mornings, evenings, and special moments with your favorite mug in hand. Over time it becomes a comforting and familiar reminder of all those special moments past.

The Plottfest 2021 handcrafted clay mugs by Cory Plott are just such a reminder of your life, of a special moment like the PlottFest, or the story of your life with a special breed of dog. Don’t let this moment to be part of the history of the Plott Hunting Dog pass you by and help us create future special moments by purchasing a PlottFest 2021 mug before they are gone.

11 in stock



Handcrafted clay mugs by Cory Plott, commemorating  Plott Fest 2021.
Elegant, collectible and durable Pottery for your table.