What could be more romantic than being bundled up together under warm blankets beside a roaring fire while giant fluffy snowflakes fall softly outside the window? It’s like finding yourself inside a magical slow globe. There is something truly special about the Smokies in winter. And there’s something extraordinary about a winter wedding in the Smoky Mountains. Ski slopes within easy reach, hot toddies, dancing flames, and romance in spades. Keep reading for more reasons why couples from all over the world love the charm of a Smoky Mountain winter wedding.

  1. Magical Weather of the Smoky Mountains in Winter

Wrap yourselves up in warm scarves and cozy mittens, then venture outside into an enchanting winter wonderland. Inhale deeply as you savor the clean, crisp mountain air. During your winter wedding weekend, you and your family and friends can explore the tranquility of the surrounding forest with a peaceful hike, where the only sound you’ll hear is the crunching of your boots on the snow. Let your playful side come out and build a snowman or start a snowball fight. Sit beside a burbling stream as it cuts its way through a snow-covered gorge. Then once you’ve thoroughly enjoyed the winter weather, head back to your cabin for a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine and curl up beside the fire. Snow may be falling, but it’s love that fills the air.

  1. Smoky Mountains Winter Cabins

Speaking of cabins…the Smokies are a fabulous spot for a destination wedding. With so many motels, B&Bs, and inns, there’s plenty of room to accommodate all your guests. Then after the wedding, start your honeymoon as you step inside a cozy cabin deep in a dense mountain forest. The world outside can wait. It’s just the two of you now, and you are free to get lost in the haze of newlywed bliss. Everything else disappears when you snuggle up beside a crackling fire and ease into the peace and quiet of the Smoky Mountains in winter. Wake up the next morning in a state of bliss as snow falls outside your luxurious accommodations. Grab a cup of coffee and slip a fuzzy blanket around your shoulders as you step outside and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Frosted windows, rustic porches, warm and cozy fireplaces, gorgeous views, and the peace and privacy of your cabin getaway all come together to provide the perfect romantic atmosphere for your winter wedding in the Smoky Mountains.

  1. Dreamy Mountain Views

Winter in the Smokies makes for a magical backdrop for any wedding. (Imagine the stunning wedding photos!) Snow-capped peaks, sparkling windswept meadows, and frozen icy streams hold the essence of winter romance. There’s a peace and a calm that blankets the world, and nature shows off in a bold and otherworldly way, guaranteeing an intimate and memorable wedding or elopement.

Picture it now – towering mountains that reach into the skies, morning flurries, snow sprayed evergreens, a fresh dusting of powder on nearby ski slopes. You’re right in the middle of some of the most majestic scenery in the country. The picturesque landscape of the Smoky Mountains in winter evokes the perfect mood for romance. Whether you hold your ceremony indoors at one of the area’s historic churches or you fully immerse yourselves in an exciting outdoor wedding, you and your guests will be inspired from these truly incredible views.

  1. Romantic Seasonal Adventures

A winter wedding in the Smoky Mountains serves up a wealth of romantic winter activities and adventures for you and your guests during the weekend. Stroll down festively decorated streets as you pop into unique shops and antique stores to get warm. Dine by candlelight in restaurants that serve up diverse and delicious cuisine. Go for a scenic drive or walk hand in hand along secluded hiking trails, where you can steal a kiss beside a cascading waterfall.

Hit the slopes for an invigorating day of skiing. Whether you and your guests are amateur skiers, world-class snowboarders, or just like riding the ski lifts and admiring the scenery, getting out and exploring the winter playground adds a splash of exhilaration to your destination winter wedding in the Smoky Mountains.

  1. Festive Excitement

The Smoky Mountains in winter are filled with holiday magic and seasonal cheer. Twinkle lights, colorful decorations, and nostalgic music add an extra layer of magic to any cold-weather honeymoon destination. Wander through holiday markets, searching for the perfect gift to give your new spouse. Stroll hand in hand down vibrant streets where the smiles on everyone’s faces put you in an even more joyful mood than you already were. Grab a cup of cocoa or mulled wine and get lost in the soft, dreamy daze of holiday spirit.

  1. Budget Friendly and Less Crowded

Your winter wedding in the Smoky Mountains doesn’t have to break the bank. A big bonus for choosing a cold-weather destination is the fact that you can typically find big savings this time of year. Travel expenses like flights, hotel or cabin stays, and local tourist attractions are often slashed during the winter downtime, and you can take advantage of some incredible off-season deals. In addition to the savings, you’ll get the added benefits of fewer tourists, which means less crowds. Enjoy your privacy everywhere from restaurants to hiking trails to museums. Winter specials mean you get an amazing wedding weekend without the sticker shock.

Get Married at the Meadowlark Motel

Our serene Maggie Valley accommodations are perfect for a winter wedding in the Smoky Mountains. Surround yourself with stunning nature, old-world Appalachian culture, and traditional mountain music all covered in snow. Our comprehensive wedding and honeymoon packages can be customized to fit your wedding style.

The intimate and scenic space beneath a canopy of trees on the banks of the burbling Jonathan Creek is an idyllic spot to say “I do.” Walk down the aisle to the soothing sounds of the burbling waters and say your vows to the romantic soundtrack of birds chirping in the background.

Host your reception in one of our charming indoor venues or embrace the fresh mountain air at the motel’s Back Porch Pavilion, a 900 square-foot pavilion strung up with twinkle lights that includes amenities like a full kitchen, restroom, outdoor furniture and a barbecue pit. The Meadowlark also provides catering and event planning, and the chic motel rooms and rustic cabins are perfect for hosting the entire wedding party and guests. Call 828-926-1717 today to speak with one of our staff about planning your winter wedding in the Smoky Mountains!