The Chattooga River: A Natural and Cultural History


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The Chattooga River is the crown jewel of southern white water and has run through the American consciousness since the movie “Deliverance” thrust it into the national spotlight. But this National Wild and Scenic River is much more than the make-believe set of a suburbanite nightmare. People travel from all over the country to run its rapids, cast into its current for trout and hike the miles of trails that meander through thousands of acres of woods in the Chattooga watershed. One of the last free-flowing rivers in the Southeast, the river muscles fifty-seven miles through a southern deciduous forest with one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the country and is home to many species of rare wildflowers. Join author Laura Ann Garren as she describes the history and wonder of the real Chattooga River.

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From the Introduction of the Book

This book is not meant to be a detailed and comprehensive scientific inventory. My goal is to present an entertaining overview of the Chattooga River and what make it so special. As such, I focus on what I consider the river’s most interesting aspects, some fo them unique. For instance, the movie Deliverance was filmed on the river and has had a tremendous impact, making the river a premier white-water destination that draws multitudes of people each year. The increase in use has resulted in conflict, causing some people to fear for its future; I examine ways in which they are trying to protect the river. I also examine the climate, environment, plants and wildlife of the watershed, focusing on key players and issues, as well as historical events and future challenges.

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Laura Ann Garren

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Laura Ann Garren was born in Clemson, South Carolina, near the Chattooga River. She earned a BA in English with a minor in Wildlife Biology, and an MA in English with a concentration in Environmental Literature, both at Clemson University.

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